Moving Out Is Always Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

I’ve been on both sides of the move out at JPCatholic. When I first came to JPCatholic in 2015, the house was a complete disaster. The carpets were worn down, the cabinets filled with miscellaneous junk compiled over the years, the couches were one sit-down away from breaking, and the smell was suspicious. This was definitely not the best first impressions when I entered into college. I didn’t walk into the cleaned townhouse/apartment that we now have each academic year. My freshmen year was the first time the school implemented the inevitable September Move Out.  Continue reading Moving Out Is Always Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Easy Beef Fajitas

Ingredients 1 lb. of flank or skirt steak (or carne asada) 1-2 red or green bell peppers, depending on the size 1 yellow or white onion 1-2 fresh jalapeño peppers Salt 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil Fresh cilantro (optional) Corn Tortillas (available fresh and warm from the tortilleria at Northgate Market across from Latitude 33) Instructions Cut stems off bell pepper(s), and clean out seeds. Slice … Continue reading Easy Beef Fajitas

Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

by Nick Pini NP: What got you into film? AT: Boredom. Also, I like writing things, and decided to start filming the things that I wrote because just writing is boring. Anybody can sit in their house and write a fan-fiction of Twilight that becomes a billion-dollar franchise but only filmmakers can sit in their house, write a three-hundred-page script and become Australia’s premiere filmmaker. … Continue reading Featured Artist: Archibald Turner

Spaghetti Bolognese with the Boys

by Brigitta Sanchez-O’Brien Arlusi! With JPCatholic students returning from their spring adventures in Italy, Italian resident Paul Campa shares his favorite recipe for spaghetti with ragú sauce. Ingredients: The Boys. This is a key ingredient for both preparing and consuming the dish. This meal cannot be cooked alone and loses flavor when not in the company of the boys. 3 garlic cloves 1 jalapeño pepper … Continue reading Spaghetti Bolognese with the Boys