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Dear Reader,

At the beginning of our time at JPCatholic, it occurred to us that Facebook was the most reliable news source at hand. Then the opportunity arose to create a student publication. Inspired to form a dependable place to get information concerning the school, its students, and the greater Escondido community, we began the venture that you see today.

The columns we incorporate are what we think are the most relevant to our lives as students: Local News, Campus News, Food, and Arts and Entertainment. In addition, each issue includes a featured artist from the overwhelming number of them found here at JP Catholic. It is our hope that whether we are in times of panic or peace, you will rely on The Pelican as an unbiased source of truth.

We focus each article on intriguing information so as to learn about this little community we call home. We hope this new medium will strengthen communication between students and staff, as well as give Escondido a glimpse of our impact as a University.

We would like to thank Dr. Peterson, Prof. Dunn, and Prof. Culbertson for giving us the opportunity and trust to launch this paper. We extend a special thank you to Prof. Culbertson for being our advisor and mentor along the way. We would like to recognize our staff for dedicating the time and energy to realize this endeavor. We look forward to learning and growing with you all as this paper takes flight! Finally, thank you, the reader, for taking a chance on us. 

Signing Off,

Jackie and Kristen

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