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The Escondido Farmer’s Market

by Grace Reding

Located at North Juniper St. and East Grand Ave., the Escondido Farmer’s Market has been a fixture of the community for 20 years. It offers an array of local food, cold drinks, shopping, and live entertainment on a weekly basis for people of all ages and interests.


The Farmer’s Market, sponsored by the Escondido Arts Partnership, is open every Tuesday. During the winter, it is open from 2:30-6:00 pm, with extended from 2:30-7:00 pm in the summer. Vendors from all over the greater San Diego County area come together to take part this community event, providing local goods and products.

According to Chrisanne Moats of the Escondido Arts Partnership, the Farmer’s Market has been a part of Escondido city life for about 20 years. The market features approximately 45 consistent weekly vendors with goods ranging from oranges to Moroccan jewelry.

JP Catholic student Meg Vonfeldt’s favorite part about attending the Farmer’s Market is being able to relax. “Nothing beats grabbing a frozen Coke… and a homemade tamale and just sitting out by the gazebo, listening to the local artists play live music.” She has especially enjoyed the music of a new clarinetist that recently began playing there.

Meg made suggestions for her other favorite products to try. “Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the tamales, but you can get so many other great products as well: fresh strawberries, Rita’s Frozen Ice, flowers, hummus and pita bread, even succulents, which my roommates and I use to decorate our apartment!”


There are also vegan options, much to the delight of weekly attendee Sara Torres, who is a frequent customer at the El Veganito food tent, a food tent which sells vegan Mexican food. In addition, Foggy Hill Ranch, Dragon Organics, and JR Organics all offer a variety of organically and sustainably grown in-season produce.

The Farmer’s Market offers volunteer-based live music. If you or anyone you know of are interested in playing and/or singing, you may contact Chrisanne Moats by email at, or if you have any other Farmer’s Market related inquiries.


Photos courtesy of Susana Dueñas.


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