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Student Body President Switch-Up

By Vince Salerno

Former Student Government President Erica Kovacic opens up about her decision to leave the presidential position and shares what to expect from the new administration. It has been announced that sophomore Ben Seamans, previously vice president of Student Government, will step in to become president. Meanwhile, fellow sophomore and previous Treasurer Eddie Fay will take over as vice president.

Erica started out as president in the 2016 Winter Quarter with Christian Lovetere as her vice president. She was re-elected for a second term with VP Ben Seamans during the Spring 2017 quarter. Her decision to resign came from a lot of reasons; The first of which is her decision to focus on her final year at JPCatholic and beyond. “I took on a second year because what we started in Student Government wasn’t quite finished, but as I start to progress into my junior/senior year, the responsibility was something I couldn’t do anymore. It wouldn’t be fair to the students or myself because I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to it. All roads lead somewhere, even if that’s an end, and this road has reached its end.”

A strained relationship between Student Government and Student Life was another reason for Erica’s decision to step down. She explained her frustrations when Student Life would not collaborate openly. She continued, “Our school is a pioneering school… they are accepting more students than they’ve ever accepted before. Student Life’s mindset of how they ran the school with the dances and events is not working anymore. Students know what they what and what’s going on, and if you can’t listen to Student Government, that means students don’t have a voice.”

When asked how this problem would be resolved, Ben Seamans responded,“We are going to work more with Student Life and try to maintain a good relationship with them.” Newly-appointed Vice President Eddie Fay also had a few words to say: “Ben and I want to reestablish a relationship between Student Life and the students themselves… if anything is [going to] get done, that has to happen.”

Erica has been grateful for the chance to give students a voice, and does not take the experience for granted. “I do like helping students… being in that position to fight for students. I do want to continue making the campus experience better… I love the school’s mission and what they stand for.”

Ben, who was hand-picked to be Erica’s VP and eventual successor, was informed well before the announcement that Erica would step down. “She told me about three weeks before she stepped down… so I had time to prepare and set up my new cabinet.” That new cabinet will consist of the same people who are currently in place, with the only major change being Eddie Fay promoted to VP. Ben hopes to continue the good work Erica has done while also focusing on working with the students to make improvements where needed. He says, “Eddie and I want to work with the students to make the school what they want it; Since we are Student Government, we are supposed to take their issues and bring them to Student Life.”

Erica assures that she is leaving the students in good hands. “For the students who are a little leery: I personally trust Ben… I think you’re all in great hands with Ben. He’s very intelligent. He has a lot more knowledge in the political system and how it should work…support Student Government and support Ben because without you guys there is no student congress. We’re here for you.”


She even had some final words of advice to give to Ben and Eddie: “Don’t conform. That’s kinda like my tagline. You know what’s wrong. You know what’s right. Don’t conform.”



Picture courtesy of Erica Kovacic.

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