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Catholic Answers and Connections

By Grace Reding

Over the past year, JP Catholic has become increasingly connected to Catholic Answers, an apologetics-focused apostolate founded in San Diego, California. The relationship has been garnered through both student and faculty involvement in their media output, with a recent culmination in Father Andrew Younan, Professor of Philosophy at JP Catholic, appearing on their program Catholic Answers Live.

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Catholic Answers describes itself as “…an apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world.” Through the mediums of radio, print, and video, Catholic Answers strives to “help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home”, and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith.”

Thirty-five miles from JP Catholic’s campus, Catholic Answers’ main office is located in El Cajon, CA. The close proximity of the apostolate and the university has allowed staff and students of the school to be closely involved in participating in this mission. Last spring, JP Catholic’s Professor of Film Production, George Simon, began freelance editing for Catholic Answers. He is currently finishing his second project with them this month. In addition, sophomore Megan VonFeldt began working as a Video Intern in June, editing live for the weekly shows broadcast from their El Cajon studio.


One of these shows is Catholic Answers Live, a daily program in which guests call in to ask questions and discuss the episode’s topic. The two-hour show is focused on providing truth about the Catholic faith, apologetics, and evangelization. On August 11th’s episode,Fr. Andy appeared to discuss his latest book, Thoughtful Theism. He began by engaging with arguments commonly used to disprove the existence of God and explained why he believes an authentic belief is perfectly reasonable. During the discussion, he addressed topics such as the souls of atheists, respectful evangelization, and the effect that Aristotle’s definition of reason has on Western culture. In this hour-long segment, Fr. Andy provided insights to all of these questions and more as they were presented by live callers from throughout the country.

Andrew Hermiz, a videographer for Catholic Answers, said that Fr. Andy’s presence on the show increased both their physical and online audience. Meg VonFeldt was also present for Fr. Andy’s segment as she edited it live. “It was a fun day at the studio having Fr. Andy, one of my current professors, on the show. Multiple students came to watch and support him and it was a great time getting to show people from the university what it is that we do here behind the scenes!”

Remarking about the show, Fr. Andy stated, “Some of my friends listened from Michigan and one called asking a New Age question.  It was a good experience and I’m glad that I went. I respect the organization a lot. Some of their books are those that were instrumental in my faith 25 years ago. When I was in high school, those were important. It was neat to go where some of those things started.”


You can stream Catholic Answers Live through Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, and through the local radio station, Immaculate Heart Radio, KCEO- 1000 AM.

You can watch Father Andy’s guest appearance on the show at the link below:


Photos courtesy of Sophia Flemmings.

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