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Artist No. 3: Gabriel Zanoff

by Grace Reding

GR: Who are you, where are you from, what do you do, and where does that come from?
GZ: I’m Gabriel Zanoff and I’m from Houston, TX. I’m a photographer, director/cinematographer, graphic designer, artist- basically I just express myself through visuals. I’ve always drawn and created more traditional art from a young age and have just naturally gravitated towards any medium that inspires me.

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GR: What do you like about the art world?
GZ: It’s so over-saturated and accessible to everyone that it really forces you work hard to stand out and create your own style.

GR: What’s in your ideal camera bag?
GZ: My Canon 6D, Tamron 24-70, probably a prism depending on if I’m shooting portraits or not, and water, definitely water.

GR: What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
GZ: I can’t think of anything specific that really set me back in particular as an artist. Honestly, most of the stuff that I didn’t know…just comes with experience and creating as much as possible.

GR: What inspires your art?
GZ: Music inspires me the most. Every time I listen to a song it’s as if a world is created in my mind and a lot of the time my pieces are my attempts to represent the images in my mind created by whatever I’ve been listening to. Also, other art of the same nature that I create, [like] photography and music videos, plays a huge role in what I end up creating.

GR: Who or what have you not photographed that you’d love to capture?
GZ: I’ve always wanted to get into taking photos of surfing and other action sports. I also would love to take photos for music artists and also go on tour with them and just capture their journeys. I really just enjoy those cultures and would love to take part in them.

GR: Professionally, what’s your goal?

GZ: My main goal right now is to get my foot into the door of the music industry. I really just want to make music videos and also photograph concerts and other events. It’s a competitive industry, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.

GR: How has photography influenced you as a person?
GZ: It has given me a huge appreciation for nature and given me an obsession for exploring and adventure. I’ve also become extremely observant of my surroundings, and it feels like my mind is constantly thinking of ideas for photos.


Headshots courtesy of Sophie Flemings.


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