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Sr. Anahyd Ministers to Women of JPCatholic

by Renee Montalvo

Sister Anahyd, a Chaldean nun and adjunct science professor at JP Catholic, joins the university’s campus ministry team to minister to the female students. In particular, she will lead a women’s group which will discuss eight women from the Gospel. The group will work through each character’s story and discuss what can be learned and applied to their own lives.

Sr. Anahyd will minister especially to the young women on campus through group bible studies and individual appointments. She is particularly excited for the opportunity to lead the female students in a women’s bible study that began quarter. The group meets Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. Sister Anahyd is moving through the New Testament to discuss eight different women of the Gospel and the lessons which are relevant to the lives of those in the bible study.

In the first women’s bible study, the group discussed the Canaanite Woman who humbly asked Jesus to cure her daughter from possession by a demon. The unique quality of the Canaanite woman’s persistent prayer is one of the many things women can away from her story. Throughout the course of the quarter, an emphasis will be placed upon the similarities and differences among each of the eight women. Specifically highlighting the fact that women are unique, but also share a common identity. Sister Anahyd commented, “For our entire lives, [women] are told who and what we are – we are told that for us to be independent and strong women or to make it, we must be like men and we need to destroy our femininity.” The women’s group seeks to combat this idea through the study of these eight women who do not fit into one mold, but whose love for Christ brings them closer to their true identity as women.

Women in the group will have the opportunity to get to know themselves and Christ better through time spent reading Scripture. They will reflect on how He interacts with each of them personally. Sister Anahyd says “It’s by getting to know Him that we get to know ourselves and our vocations.” The study of these women in Scripture will give the group a chance to learn how to live out their vocation as women in a practical way. “I’m a firm believer that God puts certain desires within us- a love for film, or stories, or science etc.…to help us discern our vocations to see what our talents are,” she said.

In the coming weeks, the group will discuss other stories such as the Samaritan woman at the well, the woman with a hemorrhage, and Martha and Mary. Female students are welcome to join at any point during the quarter, and to attend any or all of the gatherings. To set up a meeting or ask questions, email her at


Photos courtesy of Anne Linn.

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