Jackie’s Apple Curry Chicken Salad

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Jackie’s Apple Curry Chicken Salad

By Theresa Girard

It has been cloudy and cool for the past few days, which means that fall has finally hit Escondido! For many, fall means crisp, cold air, wearing sweaters, drinking hot apple cider, and hearing the crunch of leaves while walking down the street. Here is a fall recipe with a Southern California twist. For those who call Southern California their home away from home, Jackie’s Apple Curry Chicken Salad can bring a traditional sense of Autumn to the table.


1 can of chicken (12.5 oz)

1/4 cup of Mayonnaise

3/4 of an apple

Yellow Curry (to taste)




1. Drain the water out of the can of chicken over the sink.

*Pro Tip: Use the open lid to keep the meat from falling out.

2. Empty the chicken into a medium size mixing bowl and use a fork to shred any chunks into strands .

3. Chop the apple into cubes of approximately one quarter of an inch.
4. Add aproximately 3/4 of the apple cubes to the chicken, along with the mayonnaise.

5. Stir with a fork until the mayonnaise is evenly distributed through out the mixture.
6. Add a spoonful or two of Curry and stir until the mixture is sufficiently yellow

7. Serve with crackers or wheat bread.
8. Enjoy!


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