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Artist No. 5: Lucas Hamilton

By Nicole Kurrasch

Lucas Hamilton is a talented photographer who primarily focuses on portraits and marketing. He currently studies business as a freshman at JPCatholic, but he is also very interested in film.


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When did you first get into photography?

Junior High

Did you just buy a camera one day or?

No, it was for film. That’s when I found this school and was like oooo there’s a film school. But ya… I’m a business student. I figured it more valuable to have a business degree only because I feel like if I want to go and set up a business I kinda have that knowledge already.

Artists need to practice their trade. How often would you say you practice photography?

I would say it’s monthly. I definitely shoot more than that, but that’s for client purposes as well when I will have to go out and shoot for someone because I am getting paid to. But if I have an idea in my mind that I want to do, it’s probably monthly.

Who has hired you?

I had a clothing company hit me up and I did some work for them. I also have a longer-term account with an electronics company. They basically make iPhone chargers, adaptors, iPhone cases, etc. I do family portraits as well, but I don’t advertise that as much because I don’t like doing it. It’s not what I want to be known for.

Do you have an example of a favorite shoot you’ve done?

Shooting in Laguna Beach in fisherman’s cove. The variety of images that I got were extremely different. It didn’t even look like we were in the same location.

I noticed you have a lot of pictures from Laguna. Is the beach one of your favorite places to shoot?

It’s just one of the best locations. I’ll shoot anywhere, but the beach is one of my favorite places. I’m there always so…

What would you say your focus is?

Lifestyle, fashion

What do you focus on when you take your photos?

More or less the feeling the photo gives me rather than what is actually going on. A lot of people say they like storytelling and stuff like that and editing is a huge part of that for me. Getting the photo is step one. I think editing in and of itself is an entirely different art.

What motivates or inspires you to take photos?

I noticed I had a knack for how things looked or that I saw something different that a lot of people didn’t see and that’s kind of the epitome of what a photographer is. You see things in a much different way than normal people do. It’s really cool because everyone has their unique vision and that’s why I love collaborating with other artists as well.

Is there a process of trying to make the person you are taking photos of comfortable?

It’s definitely becoming friends with them first. You want to get their trust, ultimately. If they have your trust they will listen and their response to your direction will be a little more genuine.

Is it every awkward when you meet up with a model?

You sometimes get shy people and its weird because they don’t talk back and I’m like ‘engage with me…!’

How do model-photographer collaborations work via Instagram?

If you have a following the photographers will charge the models and if the models get good enough then the models will charge the photographers. It’s kind of a portfolio thing. Like if you want me to shoot pictures of you, my works obviously valuable. You should pay me because it’s gonna help you out.

What do you like taking photo’s of better, guys or girls?

Girls because they are better at posing, but guys are actually somewhat easier to direct. I find that girls are sometimes more self-conscious.

Who is your favorite photographer that you follow?

Probably Sam Dameshek. He is 18, he’s actually younger than me and has like a quarter of a million followers or something. He did a lot of like lifestyle work for like Pacsun and stuff like that. And then he started getting into fashion as well.

How good is the iPhone camera actually?

I’d say it really good. At some point I did try to make my feed iPhone only and then I just had too many good pictures on my camera that I wanted to share. Sometimes I’ll post and ask people ‘ok which of these three is the iPhone photo’ and it’s funny that 80% of the time people guess wrong.

Do you have any advice for people who are just starting up photography?

Definitely, shoot. Know how your camera works- obviously. I think light is probably the number one thing you need to understand. Everything else is very subjective. Do what you think looks best.

Do you think Instagram has changed the world of photography?

I think so, in a way. I think part of it is seeing someone’s art and giving them props for that and then taking inspiration from that onto a shoot and putting your own twist on it. Instagram for me is about getting feedback. You know, did it actually work? Did I do my job? Did I create something that was genuine?

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