First Rule of Film Club is: You Do Not Talk About Film Club

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First Rule of Film Club is: You Do Not Talk About Film Club

By Lana Young

Professor George Simon, full-time faculty member and production manager at JPCatholic, founded the school’s first filmmaking club. He launched the club in the hopes of allowing “students to create awesome films [and]…to create an environment for them to do that”. The Film Club is modeled like a standard studio system and will have exclusive access to the school’s new film equipment.

The Film Club is designed to enable all graduate and undergraduate students to work on personal projects. Their first informational meeting occurred in early November and they plan to meet again in the first week of December. The club is meant to encourage students to “write and develop projects that are ambitious, but still within the capacity to actually make the projects”. There will only be 25 participating members of the film club at a given time. It will be run like a realistic studio system in order to prepare students to work in similar environments in the industry.

The studio system model requires students to prepare pitches for their projects in order for it to be greenlighted by the club. Professor Simon is looking to greenlight short films that are between five and fifteen minutes. The film will need to be greenlighted throughout the development like a real studio. Once a project has been greenlighted, the project’s department heads- director, producer, director of photography, screenwriter, and editor- will officially become participating members of the film club. Anyone can participate on a Film Club project, but only the department heads are participating members. Department heads are required to show up to bi-weekly meetings to check up on the development of the project.

Film Club perks include exclusive access to brand new equipment from new sound equipment to the new RED camera. In addition, members will have the help of Professor Simon and other undetermined professors’ help throughout the development of the project to make it the best it can be. The Film Club aims to elevate the quality of student projects by giving them the time and resources they need.

With only 25 participating members of the Film Club at a given time, that means there can only be five projects in development at a time. In addition, each project will have it’s own timeline for development. Some projects will be given a couple of weeks while others may have several months. Professor Simon hopes to have at least five films completely through development by summer quarter. Professor Simon is very excited for the Film Club and believes that the “healthy competition [will lead to a] higher level of creativity”.

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