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Artist No. 6: Sarah Montalvo

By Grace Reding

Sarah Montalvo is a Freshman studying New Evangelization at JPCatholic. She enjoys drawing and writing, but her most recent artistic endeavor is poetry. 
GR: Sarah, rumor has it that your relationship with poetry was a bit of a surprising discovery for you. What sparked that?

SM: I’m actually not much of a writer, I typically express things through drawing, but there was a moment in the middle of class where something just hit me and I began to write.

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GR: What do you like about writing?

SM: I like that it allows you to express more than just one emotion, like a drawing or painting does.



GR: Do you have favorite genres of literature or styles of poetry to write in?

SM: I like to rhyme. I think it’s a bit more entertaining to read and it challenges you to explore different word choice.

GR: What inspires you to write?

SM: My pain inspires me to write. I usually have a hard time writing things, but it’s something I know most about. Therefore, I can pour everything I have into it.

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GR: Who/what are your greatest loves in life?

SM: One of my greatest loves is my sister. She will always be my favorite person no matter the things we go through together. She has been one of my greatest inspirations and has shown me how to love others and myself when it’s been difficult and I feel I’ve lost all hope. She tries her best to protect my soul from the things that will hurt me and I try my best to protect her in the ways I know how. She is my best friend and I’m so blessed that God gave me her as a sister.

Secondly, is my love to create. No matter what form, I always feel God’s grace when I’m able to use the gifts he gave me to further praise Him. I feel pure joy in my heart as if He’s holding it telling me He’s proud of what I’ve done for Him.

GR: Do you write for leisure as well as work (i.e. competitions, for your writing portfolio, etc.)?

SM: At this point I only write for leisure because it’s something so new to me. I don’t know where it will take me, if anywhere, but I’m grateful for the ways it’s let me release what I feel.

GR: Has your writing changed since you made the move to Escondido?

SM: I’ve tried to write in the past, because I really admire how writing can move the soul but I always gave up in fear of it not being good enough. Since I’ve been here I’ve allowed myself to let go of the pressure and just write the things that come from my heart.

GR: Do you enjoy reading as much as you enjoy writing?

SM: Yes, I absolutely love reading but there are time when I won’t stop reading and times where I won’t pick up a book for a couple months.

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GR: What authors do you read? What attracts you to them?

SM: I really enjoy reading Ernest Hemingway. He experiences the world as it appears and feels, then writes about it in such a way as to have the reader experience it the same way.

GR: Are you reading anything right now?

SM: I am currently reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis and For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.

GR: What authors and/or literature do you recommend to us?

SM: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. This book allows us to look into the battle of our own souls from the other side.

GR: And last but not least, do you take particular interest in other art forms besides writing?

SM: Yes, my [other] favorite art form is drawing. It allows me to communicate my thoughts to the outside world and unleash any emotion I may be feeling.

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