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Artist No. 7: Meg VonFeldt

by Grace Reding

Meg VonFeldt is a sophomore studying Post-Production. She has worked as an editor for the companies Catholic Answers and CAST Catholic Media.


GR: The cat’s outta the bag, Meg. We know that you aren’t JUST a post-production major. So, spill.

MV: Well, I’ve been leading a double life… I’m…an artist. [laughs] But, really, I mean, you aren’t wrong. I do a lot more than just syncing clips and keyframing custom motion graphics.

GR: So you’re saying that you color-grade, too? Is that you mean?

MV: Actually, yes, I do! [laughs again] But, as someone whose analytical and creative sides are both for very strong, I find that I have to sort of compartmentalize my tasks, workload, and hobbies. For example, I’m a list maker. So, when I’m editing, the analytical side of me has a distinct, neatly formatted workflow that I apply my practical skills to. And on the flip side, most of the hobbies that I have are centered around art and creativity- things that are more or less subjective. I enjoy singing and playing guitar and ukulele, making playlists- list maker!-, writing, drawing, painting, et cetera. But in doing narrative editing and custom work for clients has made me realize just how much the two parts of my brain really need to marry in order for me to be successful.


GR: Have your art and your artistic processes changed since you began living in California?

MV: I grew up in a less… diverse community. There was a lot of focus on math, and science, and ACT scores and not a lot of focus on art. Being here, surrounded by all kinds of artists has been really great for me. I feel more comfortable with being artistic and feel more supported. Here, art matters and is respected, which really motivates me to keep creating.


GR: In your personal art, what inspires you?

MV: I get a lot of inspiration from life experiences. I really like spending time with my grandfather. I get a lot of stories that way. Also college is a really transformative time. I take those feelings that I struggle expressing and try to project them onto some sort of medium. Sometimes it’s a song, scribbles, or a story.

GR: Who/what are your greatest loves in life?

MV: The Lord goes without saying, but I also love adventure. I know it sounds cliché, but I grew up in the Midwest- there isn’t a lot to do. I love just picking a direction and driving until I hit the mountains or the coast- or Washington State. I don’t know if I am going to stay in California after I graduate, so I want to take advantage of it.

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GR: When do you feel the greatest need to create?

MV: I do a lot of narrative editing for school projects and client work. I love it, but when you are editing someone else’s project, there is less creativity involved and more technical skill. After working on these projects, I have to do something to release the creative energy.


GR: When you feel stuck, how do you nurture your creative nature back to productivity?

MV: Honestly, I love Escondido, but sometimes when I feel like I am in a creative rut, I just leave. I drive to the beach, or to the desert, or just somewhere different. Putting myself out of my comfort zone really pushes me and my art.


To see her most recent work, click on the following link: Real Suffering Video


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Instagram: @megwvonfeldt




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