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Pirates Invading Escondido

by Amanda Egerer

Circus Vargas is an award-winning production company based in San Diego which will soon be arriving in Escondido. The circus will be located in the parking lot of the Westfield North County Mall between February 22nd and March 5th. They are currently on tour with their show Dreaming of Pirates! Both matinee and evening performances will be available for attendees of all ages. The circus describes the show as “A fantastic voyage of nonstop action and adventure guaranteed to thrill and enchant children of all ages!”

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Their current production routine, Dreaming of Pirates! runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes with an intermission halfway through the performance. Dreaming of Pirates! begins with a classic slapstick clown comedy routine and then quickly ushers the audience into a world of daredevil pirates, mermaid gymnasts, and a variety of other “at sea” themed acts. The production’s music, storyline, and costumes have obvious influences from some of the most popular “pirate voyage” adventures such as Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean. Allusions to these stories within Dreaming of Pirates! provoked positive reactions from both adults and children in the audience.


One of the highlights of the first act is a series of stunts performed by daredevil pirates who effortlessly jump back-and-forth between the heights of a tall towering ship and a ground-level trampoline. They ever-so-gracefully perform gymnastic routines mid-air as they leap on and off the ship’s platform. This fast-paced sequence of action provided an exhilarating energy that surged through the crowd.

Vargas 4

Fluent choreography, brilliant staging, and comedic undertones were all present throughout the entirety of Dreaming of Pirates! Circus Vargas provided itself to be a vibrant source of family-oriented entertainment that engages a sense of wonder in both children and adults alike. Ticket prices start at $25 for adults and $15 for children between the ages of 2 and 10 for their bleacher section. Any children under age two are admitted into the performance free of charge.

Vargas 2

The production company’s efforts to bring community together through magic and storytelling is truly admirable. Those in the Escondido area should be sure to attend the engaging and lively performance of Dreaming of Pirates! while Circus Vargas is in town later next month.

Photos Courtesy of Amanda Egerer

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