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Class Times to Change

by James Barrows

Due to scheduling conflicts and low attendance at the 6 o’ clock mass, classes will be returning to their original time next quarter.

The reason for the class time change this quarter was the implementation of the 6pm mass. Dr. Connolly said, “We moved from 12:30 to 12pm so that we could have a 6pm evening mass.” The evening masses were not highly attended and there didn’t seem to be an interest from students. Connolly added, “The 6pm evening mass was very poorly attended. Everybody decided to discontinue the evening mass, which we did this quarter.”

In addition to the low 6pm mass attendance, students and professors were expressing their want for hour-and-a-half breaks to be re-instated. Dr.Connolly, who attends daily mass often, agreed that the hour-long break between 11am mass and 12 o’clock class was an inconvenience: “I never liked scheduling meetings when there’s mass on. So, if we wanted to have a meeting, we’d have to reschedule it with mass…Moving it, we could do mass and meetings over the hour and a half break.”

Josiah Lerman, sophomore at JPCatholic expressed, “I just like to have the time for meetings, getting lunch, or making it to confession before class. Households especially appreciate the extra time after mass for weekly rosaries.” Brigitta Sanchez-O’Brien added, “I like the change. That’s how it always used to be and it’s a nice break between mass and class.” Nick Jones is conflicted about the time change. “I kinda wish they would’ve stuck with the previous times of this quarter because I feel like its easier to figure out a schedule where its on the hour and not on the half hour. Its not necessarily a huge deal but it’s somewhat confusing compared to having things on the hour…I’d rather have my classes strung along instead of having an odd gap between mass and class. I do get the other side and I do understand it…but I personally don’t like it.”

Dr. Connolly concluded, “So, it was more being able to facilitate sets of meetings that didn’t conflict with mass, and the fact that the 6pm mass wasn’t that widely welcomed by students, it was convenient for whole piles of people. It [6pm mass and 12 o clock class times] was an experiment… now we’re moving forward.”

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