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Hollywood Professional Visits JPCatholic

by Nick Jones

JPCatholic welcomed Howard Wolf as guest speaker to the students last Thursday. Wolf discussed his professional life and how success in Hollywood is possible while maintaining Christian values. Students that attended expressed a desire for more talks by Hollywood professionals to teach and inspire them.

Howard is an accomplished talent manager in the music industry and possesses decades of experience. Wolf started off as a talent buyer, a person who books bands and musicians for clubs. He eventually managed acts like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. Senior Joseph Venegas commented, “To hear him tell his story was just amazing. It’s one thing to go to school and tell people you’re going to make films and stuff, but to sit down and listen to the man who managed Jimmy Hendrix, among others… it just blew me away.”

Wolf, raised Jewish, became a Christian in the 1980’s, though he jokingly referred to himself as “a completed Jew”. He currently helps with Media Fellowship International, which according to their website, is a Christian ministry that works with people in the media and arts community in a confidential and nonjudgmental manner. This is where he met Professor Dale Davidson, who arranged for Wolf to speak. Professor Davidson said, “I heard his testimony at an MFI luncheon in Las Vegas… What I most wanted Howard to share was his experiences working in the entertainment field as a committed follower of Christ. I wanted him to share how he has ‘walked the talk’ as a true Christian while working in an environment that is often not welcoming or supportive to believers.”

From left to right: Lorri Davidson, Billy Davis, Actress Susan Stafford, Dale Davidson, and Howard Wolf

After witnessing the drug usage and rough environment of working rock n’ roll shows, Wolf left the live music scene and began to manage television show composers. Dale Davidson said, “He was strong in his testimony that one can live the Christian life every day while working in entertainment and media without compromising or downplaying one’s faith,”

Students expressed they wanted more people like Howard Wolf to come, share their success stories, and inspire them. Mary Flynn, a sophomore studying acting stated, “The university should host more speakers like Howard Wolf because it’s important for us the students… I think it’s hard for us to see what becoming successful looks like, and in having speakers tell their stories like Howard Wolf did, we gather from his experience what makes true success and how you attain it.” Sophie Flemmings added, “[I]t was an incredible opportunity to speak with someone who has been so successful in the business. JPCatholic students have such a wide range of professional interests. I think catering to those niche audiences could be very beneficial to students trying to figure out where they want to go with their degrees, especially if they aren’t specifically locked into Hollywood film.”



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