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Featured Artist No. 10: Nick Pape

by Josiah Lerman

Nicholas Pape is currently a second-year student at JPCatholic studying acting. He can also be found playing the sports at Grape Day Park, creating melodies on the cello, and giving firm handshakes.

JL: What has led you to acting, or what have you found in acting that you love?

NP: I was led to acting when my sisters brought Doctor Who home from college. It was the exuberance of David Tennant’s Doctor that inspired me to want to be that kind of man. Since then, I’ve found a new understanding of humanity through acting. I started because it seemed like it would be fun. I keep coming back to it because each character I play is another way of seeing the world.

JL: What does making an impact as a Catholic actor mean to you?

NP: Compassion and empathy. Acting opens my eyes to the wants, needs, and pains of others. My faith gives me a compass that guides me away from harming myself, and thus, helps me to not harm others.

JL: Do you have any works that inspire you as an artist?

NP: Yes, my favorite work to turn to date is Inception. I see it as a journey, not just into the dreams of humanity, but also into the scars that affect those dreams.

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JL: You also play the cello, when did you first start?

NP: I first started playing the cello during my freshman year of high school.

JL: What is it about the cello that you love?

NP: The reason I love playing a cello is because it has a tear lodged within it. The cello carries a rich, elegant tone that is somewhat opposite to how I normally live.

JL: Do you have any musical inspirations?

NP: I believe that Pachelbel has inspired me to believe that even a repetitive and simple flow of notes carries the more enchanting melody.

JL: Do you have anything that you would like to say about your life as an artist?

NP: My life as an artist is stressful but I wouldn’t trade it out for the world.



Photos Courtesy of Nick Pape

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