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Project Management Turned Art Showcase

by Renee Montalvo

This February, JPCatholic hosted its first art show. The class project, organized by Eva Mangles, Nicole Kurrasch, and Marisol Aboytes, allowed students and local artists to display and discuss art.


JP Catholic’s first art show was held in the soundstage on Saturday, February 10th. The exhibit featured the work of seventeen student artists, including one local artist named Gabriella Mammia. Local businesses, Starbucks Coffee and Peterson’s Donuts, donated to the school for visitors of the show. While guests conversed about the artwork, Joshua Shepherdson showcased his talent on piano to entertain.


The art show was the result of an assignment for the Project Management class. When Eva, Nicole, and Marisol were brainstorming, they had the idea of putting on an art show. When they were asked about their motivation and inspiration for the project Nicole, an artist herself, had been thinking about the many students who have artistic talents that they aren’t able to practice in the classroom. She said, “I would always see people doodling in class and peek over to look at what they were working on. It’s a shame because we have a lot of talented students here, but we don’t have enough opportunities to showcase everyone’s work.” Marisol hoped that the project would help encourage more programs in studio arts at the school. The three students’ passion for the arts was a large factor in their motivation to do a project like this. Both Eva and Nicole featured their own paintings in the show.

In preparation for the show, Nicole made contact with an artist named Suzanne Nicolaisen for help. Suzanne allowed the group to borrow several of her easels and clips to display artwork. Suzanne, who works for the Escondido Arts Association on Grand Avenue, expressed a desire to see new, fresh artwork. She is interested in working more with the school in order to foster a community relationship and hopes to feature JPCatholic students’ work at the Escondido Arts gallery.


As part of the project, the group worked to attract outside visitors from the local community into the school and to the exhibit. While there were only a handful of unfamiliar faces, the show did feature one local artist named Gabriella Mammia. The young artist is connected to the school through JPCatholic’s SOUL ministry. She regularly attends SOUL Nights and has become good friends with the students. Marisol reached out to her and encouraged her to bring her artwork to the show. Gabriella showcased three paintings each depicting a variation of a “hands” motif.


Another artist who displayed her work at the event, Cierra Campbell, thought the event was great. She hopes that they will do a show every quarter in the future. She said “what I loved about it is that anyone could enter anything they wanted.” She believes that giving students this opportunity helps them to be less afraid of showing their artistic talents.


The show attracted a steady crowd over the course of its two hour duration. There seems to be an interest from the local community, as well as the students, to continue with and expand on the idea. The group plans to continue to host art shows at the school in the coming quarters.


Photos by Anne Linn

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