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The 2018 Student Government Candidates

by Derek Kneoferl

Four pairs of students are running for president and vice president positions in Student Government. Anton Weidner and Riley Brown, Grace Reding and Neil McDonough, Maria Oscilowski and John Weaver, and John Maxwell and Andres Lopez all have a purpose for running, which ultimately is to represent the students and make a positive impact.

Anton Weidner and Riley Brown

Anton Weidner is running for president with Riley Brown as his VP. Riley is very knowledgeable about politics and running the background work while Anton is more effective with talking to people and connecting with others. Anton is running because he believes there is a lack of initiative within the student body to make a change. When asked about an issue that students frequently have with the school and how to fix it Anton replied, “You can’t fix things, you can’t fix people”. He believes that there is a lack of community with the school. The problem is the discord between the students and the staff at JPCatholic. Anton and Riley hope to present a way of making the student body a force of its own. They hope that this will allow changes that the students want rather than the staff dictating everything. Anton believes that this will bring a connection with the school that will “build a place where students are happy to live.”

The next candidates bring a different kind of style to the election race. Maria Oscilowski is running for student president with John Weaver as her VP. Maria, the “Bastion of Life” and John, the “Pinnacle of Masculinity” believe they work very well together and have a strong understanding of each other’s skills. Maria and John plan on “being transparent about getting nothing done and not listening to student body.” They believe in what Douglass and Adams said,  that the president’s role is to draw attention away from the people who hold actual power. Maria and John’s only wish is to entertain the future students while “getting as much done as their predecessors.”

Maria Oscilowski and John Weaver

Grace Reding is the final candidate running for student president with Neil McDonough as her VP. Grace believes a major issue for students is the lack of communication between Student Life and Student Government. She believes there is not a unified place where students can submit their ideas and concerns. Grace has also noticed that students do not know what is happening most of the time with student government and “the inconsistency of the past representatives has been confusing people and there never was a clear leader.” Grace hopes to fix this issue for better communication with students and Student Government. She wants the students to know what being done to help the school improve. Her primary goal is to bring the student body and Student Life closer together.

Grace Reding and Neil McDonough

John Maxwell and Andres Lopez are a Freshman duo trying to get on the ballot. Currently, in order for a Freshman to run they must have an upperclassmen partner, as well as two quarters of leadership experience at the school, as it says in the Student Government Constitution. If John and Andrew are able to get on the ballot they would like to “expand the mailbox sizes and streamline the mail process as a whole,” so that students can have an easier time receiving packages and getting their mail. Paul Campa, senior at JPCatholic, expressed support saying, “I am voting for the freshman candidates…too long has student government been run by the Old Guard.” John and Andres hope to “break through the barrier of litigation and red tape, and make a real change.”

These candidates for the 2018 Student Government election have objectives in mind, be it comedic or ambitious. Although each candidate’s ideas and solutions to issues are different, they all want to represent the students of JPCatholic and make a positive change.



Photos by Alfredo Martinez

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