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Featured Artist No. 12: Maria Boas

by Grace Reding


GR: First and foremost, I would love to start by addressing the fact that you are not just a one trick pony when it comes to your art. So, in which mediums specifically do you work in?

MB: Indeed! I dabble in a bit of everything. I love to draw, especially with traditional pencil and paper and then digitally with a tablet. I also love to sing and write songs and write lyrics to instrumental songs such as Two Steps From Hell.


GR: You’re a Sophomore now at JPCatholic, so the students have gotten to see some of your work in the past. What are you favorite ways that you’ve been able to share your art here?

MB: Though I’m technically a screenwriting student, I haven’t written anything for anyone’s projects. I do like to write stories and sometimes write poetry and songs for people. What I do much more frequently however is draw little personalized chibi caricatures and sketches for people.

GR: Have your art and your artistic processes changed since you made the move to Escondido?

MB: I’d say so. It’s definitely gotten a lot grittier and is more honest and I’d attribute that to the fact that to a degree, I’m living on my own and am trying to find my place in the great, big world.


GB: What has inspired your recent work?

MB: My experiences and relationships with people, especially here at school have inspired my most recent endeavors.  I’ve been cracking down on finishing a couple of lyrics for these two instrumental tracks I’ve found and I’ve been working on a couple vocal covers as well.


GR: Who/what are your greatest loves in life?

MB: My greatest loves are God, my family, my roommates and closest friends, the ability to make art, cuddles, dogs, memes, exploring, and eating fried chicken!


GR: When you feel stuck, how do you nurture your creative nature back to productivity?

MB: Sometimes I just try to slug through it. I’ll force myself to try to draw or write something, even it’s a jumbled mess of nonsense. I find the inspiration will come when I least expect it.

GR: Are there any artists in particular that have inspired your work?

MB: Thomas Bergersen, the art directors of the game Journey, Gustave Dore, Hayao Miyazaki, James Baxter, to name a few!

Thomas Bergersen, the co-creator of Two Steps From Hell. Each track he composes is filled with expression and a unique story! I’ve found myself suddenly jotting down lyrics and crafting stories inspired by the emotions I feel in each song. Everyone who worked on the video game Journey, because were able to capture the feeling of being small as you wander on the journey of life. Gustave Dore because his illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy are just INCREDIBLE. Hayao Miyazaki for capturing the wonder of childhood and imagination. James Baxter for animating the horse character Spirit from the 2002 film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. He’s the one who inspired me to start drawing at the tender age of 3.


GR: What do you like about the art world?

MB: The possibilities are endless! Someone is always making something new; it’s a novelty, and the fact that it can be so collaborative and impactful is something inspiring to me and something I hope to be able to achieve in my own art.


Photos by Sophie Flemings

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