Chase Crouse Resigns as Director of Campus Ministry

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Chase Crouse Resigns as Director of Campus Ministry

by James Barrows

Chase Crouse leaves his position as Director of Campus Ministry on Monday April 30 to begin work as a Young Adult Coordinator for the Archdiocese of New York.

During the transition, Chase plans to complete his masters degree online, while his fiancé Viva Valdez remains at JPCatholic to finish her undergraduate degree. Chase said, “With us both graduating in June, it was kind of an ideal time [to begin job searching].”

After their upcoming marriage in July, the two planned to live in either Los Angeles or New York. Chase searched for a job in both cities, and was eventually offered one in New York. “They wanted me to start May 11th and I said okay.”

As the new Young Adult Coordinator, Chase will perform tasks similar to those at JPCatholic. Chase said, “I’m helping to coordinate and facilitate and start up young adult groups within the diocese. I’m going to help the existing ones improve. I’m also going to be doing a lot of one-on-one outreach for the diocese, helping organize and lead conferences and retreats…a lotta coffee dates.”

The position specifically oversees the third region of the Archdiocese of New York. As Chase explained, the archdiocese is so large that it needs to be split into three different regions. The first and second regions cover Manhattan and the distant suburbs. Chase’s region covers Long Island and the Bronx. He added, “So, I get a pretty cool region. Basically, the rest of New York beside Manhattan.”

As of now, the position of Director of Campus Ministry has not been filled. Chase said, “We want someone with similar experience, potentially someone who’s familiar with the households, ’cause that’s something that’s more unique to us and Steubenville.” He added, “God will see it through.”

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