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Real Talk with Julius Medrano

by Maria Isabel Hernandez

JPCatholic senior Julius Medrano is developing a series of talks for his Senior Practicum in New Evangelization providing insights on a number of topics through different media outlets.

A Facebook page called Real Talk with Julius Medrano will be accessible to students, faculty, and the public in the near future. He will post weekly blogs and podcasts about personal experiences regarding school, family, and friends, as well as the personal effects current events and politics. Julius aims to use this creative outlet as a way to “offer new perspective, insight and voice on a multitude of topics that [he has] come to realize in [his] experience, education, and daily conversations with people.”


Julius will focus on the more difficult and controversial topics. His background as a Catholic student in Southern California gives him unique insight to relevant topics. He believes in delving further into popular topics and broadening the conversation to make the news relevant to the students here at JPCatholic. Julius hopes to “challenge people to go deeper into their minds and hearts.”

In addition to hosting three talks by the end of the quarter, Julius will also host weekly in-person discussions at the Perch. He will offer students some insight into his own life and use the lessons he has learned from his own experiences to inspire and encourage others.

Overall, Julius’s ultimate goal is to help viewers gain a better understanding of what it means to be human. He states, “Ultimately, I want people to be real with themselves as a person in order to make the best gift of themselves. If I can be real with them, then hopefully, they start doing that for themselves and others as well.”

Keep an eye out for his Facebook page, Real Talk with Julius Medrano, and the live weekly discussions.


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