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Business Events at JPCatholic this Wednesday and Thursday

by James Barrows

Two free events happening on Wednesday and Thursday of interest to both Communication Media and Business students.

SD Media Pros, a nonprofit organization for media professionals, will host a meeting on how to effectively use and update social media in business. The event takes place on Wednesday the 25th from 6-9pm in the Student Life Building. The meeting will be led by SD Media Pros President Thomas Kihneman and his Director of Social Media Mickey Peters. Thomas Kihneman said, “This month’s SDMediaPros meeting is all about ‘The Nuts & Bolts of Social Media’. Guest speakers Kevin Culbertson and Daniela McClintock will discuss the practical uses of social media. With the need to engage with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, media professionals can no longer stand by the wayside and not get involved. Whether you are promoting you production company or launching a new film, social media is a necessary ingredient.”

JPCatholic alumna Katy Campbell is hosting a workshop on Thursday from 6:30-8:00 pm in Room M of the Academic Building. Katy Campbell is a supervisor of Multimedia. The workshop, entitled “Video Scripting and Production for Business, Education and Technology” will be led by Campbell and her associate Marci Phelan, Senior Content Developer at Servicenow. Campbell and Phelan will focus on the experience of creating media content in the corporate world, the production standard of scripts, and the future of video and creative productions in businesses. The two will also be advising student’s resumes. Debra Culbertson, Director of Career Services, said, “She [Katie Campbell] did a workshop last year. It was well received, and it really helps those who are interested in media to look beyond Hollywood for other possible jobs, in case they decided Hollywood is not for them…There is also free pizza and extra credit for Career Strategies students.”

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