Dr. Adjibolosoo Discusses Uniting Body, Soul, and Spirit

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Dr. Adjibolosoo Discusses Uniting Body, Soul, and Spirit

by Nick Jones

Dr. Senyo Adjibasoloo visited JPCatholic to talk about the Human Factor- unlocking “the true inner being” within ourselves by uniting body, soul, and spirit and demonstrates how business leaders can use Christ’s teachings to be more effective.

Dr. Adjibasoloo was born in Ghana, but studied in Canada and the United States. He received his Ph.D. in Economics and now teaches in the Fermanian School of Business at Point Loma Nazarene University. JPCatholic business student Olimpia Cambero had taken his classes and attended his presentations. Dr. Adjibasoloo was “very much impressed [by] Ms. Olimpia” when she took his classes, and he accepted when she invited him to speak. He said, “Speaking in venues where Christ is accepted and revered as the King of kings and Lord of lords is [a] passion of mine. Above all, I love to share and interact with people who love, respect, and serve the same God I, too, do.”

He shared a video of Humpty Dumpty at the beginning of the presentation to show the mutual fragility of Humpty Dumpty and society. As humanity and society try to solve their problems, time and time again, they fall short.  

Dr. Adjibasoloo’s philosophy is to be “a perfume bottle for Jesus,” or have the qualities of Christ permeate one’s life, as opposed to relying on institutions to have the biggest influence over society.  The “positive qualities” within the Human Factor are the Christ-like qualities one finds within the Bible. Dr. Adjibasoloo argues that the world will be a better place when Christians “bring the Commander in Chief [Christ] back”.

His principle of the Human Factor is applicable to artists and businesspeople. The essential message of the talk applies to anyone, regardless of major. “…Every aspiring artist must never, ever forget that the positive human factor qualities ennoble life and also bring long term satisfying fulfillment to those who are affluent in them.” JPCatholic’s mission to impact culture for Christ rings true for the philosophy that Christ at the heart of one’s ethos sets one up for success.

For those looking for more information on Dr. Adjibasoloo and the Human Factor, books about the topic are available on Amazon, and free materials are available by searching his name on Google.

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