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Hairstylist Impacted by JPCatholic Film

by Julius Medrano

Five years after working on the set of Red Line, Gia DiLoreto reflects on the experience of working as a hair and makeup artist on a JPCatholic feature film.

DiLoreto was always interested in styling hair and loved the industry. Julia Swain, a JPCatholic alumna, scheduled a hair appointment with Gia DiLoreto  DiLoreto said, “She had asked me if I would ever be interested in doing hair and makeup for film and I said absolutely. I started working with her on a few small student films and a couple of her few friends like Nate Stone, who was also in the class with her.”


She said, “It’s really fun making people feel good about themselves and changing their look, if I can.” She knew nothing of working in film until Swain invited her to be a hair and makeup artist. DiLoreto’s relationship with Julia Swain led to the experience of working on the feature film Red Line.

The film set enabled DiLoreto to learn from professional hairstylists. She said, “It was really awesome, actually. I guess, I didn’t really know what to expect, ’cause obviously I’ve never done it before.” Toby Lamm, Head of Makeup on Red Line, mentored her throughout production. DiLoreto said, “[Toby Lamm] was really awesome to work with, and I learned a lot from him and to work with someone who has been in Hollywood for a really long time and done a lot of stuff already.”


The learning process brought DiLoreto to a deeper appreciation for film. She said, “Continuity. I learned continuity. Now, every time I watch a movie, that’s what I am looking at… how the hair and makeup and everything is the same from one scene to another scene. I didn’t think about that before or really paid attention to it. But now, because of being on the film, I now pay attention to it all the time.”

DiLoreto appreciates the memories and the impact from the experience working on the JPCatholic film set. She said, “You don’t think, right away, that a film school is going to be more religious based. It was cool to see that with me looking a certain way and having colored hair and tattoos that maybe you will be judged or something, but I felt super comfortable, and it was really cool.”



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