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Featured Artist: Anne Linn

by Josiah Lerman

As a faithful and reflective Catholic artist, Anne Linn strives to glorify God through her many artistic talents and endeavors, looking to see Christ in those she works with and in those of her audience.


Anne grew up in Wisconsin as the youngest child of eight. She has been an artist of many talents all her life. She paints, draws, dances, sings, has been part of theater productions, and has worked on film projects. She was a cantor in mass starting in sixth grade, and danced in high school.  A highlight of her high school days was when she worked as the Director of Photography on a short student film shot in Ireland.


Anne came to JPCatholic to pursue her interest in film, feeling led to the school by God. She found that “The best way I’m able to utilize my talents, I think, is through film”. Her interest in the medium extends beyond only her talent. As she studies the techniques behind film she closely keeps in mind the University’s motto, to “Impact Culture for Christ”. She explains that “In creating films, you’re supposed to know your audience and look at everyone as if they were Christ themselves. I think with making things with that attitude, you can make good things.”

After years of high school theater experience, Anne finds many similar joys in film. “I really liked working on something all together and showing it off the same way that you kinda do with film.” She appreciates that how while working with others “you get to know each other, and you form relationships with different people. Then you tell a story and hopefully it makes someone happy or makes them think about something.”


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Anne also finds the storytelling aspect of film to be important. She explains that she first got into storytelling through theater, and that the importance of it comes from the nature of humans. She says that storytelling is “the way that we communicate as humans”. In talking to others “you tell them a story about what happened during your day.” She also remembers that “it’s the way that Jesus evangelized” so it must be important for us to use story in impacting others.

Hoping to help JPCatholic to continue to grow in effectiveness, Anne comments that “It’s really important [media professors] keep on reminding the students why we’re here.” She explains that what sets JPCatholic apart, and why people attend the school, is its Catholic foundation. This foundation, however, also “gives a responsibility”. She says this is important to remember in media classes “so students don’t get caught up in all the technicality that goes with film and the competition and the pride that comes with making stuff.”

Finally, Anne states that with everything available at JPCatholic she hopes to continue “growing towards Christ, and alongside that, growing in my ability to find [success in a] film career”. Ultimately, whether it be in painting, singing, or any other pursuit, she finds importance in “giving glory to God with the talents that He’s given you.” She looks to create art with this purpose in mind, stating that with this goal “it will impact people because you will have made good quality art.”

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