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Rap Group Works with JPCatholic Freshman

by Maria Isabel Hernandez

Rap Collective, Bregma, works with freshman film student Gabriel Zanoff to film music videos for the up-and-coming group.

Bregma consists of three producers: Beau, a former drummer for the Blue Devils; Jeremy the percussionist; and Donny the bassist. The beats come from the producers’ mix of these elements while the vocals come from five other rappers. At about a month old, the group recently just started with not too large of a following. Nevertheless, Gabriel says, “It’s pretty cool to see their progression even in the time span of a couple months when I first began working with them to now. I would say since then their music has gotten considerably better.”

Gabriel’s first project in the music industry began with a promo video for an EP back in his home state of Texas. “I create the music videos. Anything that does not have to do with the actual music on these sets is my job as far as directing, writing, and editing goes. It varies on projects, some artists have a very clear idea of what they want the message to be and the stories they would like told. Others can be more playful and focus more on visuals depending on the feeling of the song that’s presented. That’s generally how we start out- figuring out if the video will be more performance or narrative based.”


His connection with Bregma came from fellow JPCatholic student, Aaron McAfee. The 20-year-old senior says, “It all started when I used to be in marching band. I saw a video where Beau performed this amazing drum solo so I reached out to him for drum lessons. From there we became friends and I shot a rap video for him last spring. It was then that I realized I was not a cinematographer and I didn’t want a career in music video production, all of which I knew Gabriel was interested in. So, I reached out to him about the opportunity.” Aaron expressed his admiration for the work Gabriel has done since, saying, “Gabe has expanded the potential of Bregma in ways that I never could, I’m excited to see where they go with this project.”


Gabriel says that managing to make it to the job in Los Angeles despite facing limited transportation at times is “a matter of luck”. Despite catching rides and borrowing his friends’ cars – he finds the trip very well worth the distance and time. He shares, “Thankfully there are others that are interested in the work as well and let me take them along for the ride.”  

The manager of the group is currently working with the potential ears of industry names such as famous rapper, Dr. Dre. “I’m genuinely excited when they come out with new music because it really is well-made content. They really have their own sound that they’re working on and they are dedicated to making sure what they produce is different from that of other artists which I think is key to them finding success.” Gabriel hopes to continue working with the group of young artists as well as expanding his own work. “The goal is just to keep progressing. It’s a lot of creative freedom which is really rewarding.” 

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