Mind Palaces, Hummus, and Other Studying Tips

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Mind Palaces, Hummus, and Other Studying Tips

There are many unique study habits that can make memorization and information solidification both realistic and interesting. JPCatholic students share some of their best methods for acing their exams.

Weird Stories

When studying for any sort of exam that requires the memorization of terms, the weird story method can make success a breeze. JPCatholic student Michael Beal states that he makes up weird stories using the terms that he will be tested on. This allows him to remember the terms and their definitions as they make sense in the context of his made-up stories. To employ this method of study, simply make a list of the terms to be memorized and create a story using those terms in a context that recalls their definitions.

Mind Palace

The next study tip helps for memorization in a way that Sherlock Holmes would congratulate. Junior Joseph Graves says that on his most recent exam he created his own mind palace to memorize the eight things that cannot be copyrighted. He imagined a person on a stage holding a book. In the book were lyrics. The person danced around a television. On the television was a man drawing an architectural structure made out of soundwaves and facts. Each of these visual elements in the imagined scene represents one thing that cannot be copyrighted. With this method, the mind uses its capacity to remember things visually, helping a person to remember many things for a long time.

Notes and Hummus

Notetakers can better make use of their notes by reading over them at the end of each day. Freshman Anne Linn explains that after she takes notes in a class, she will read over them later on in the day with a snack in order to better solidify the material in her head. This helps when the information is still fresh as students will still be able to remember the class from earlier and add to the depth of their notes. Anne recommends that you snack on pretzels and hummus while reading over the material, as it makes the studying easier.

Reward System

If a student is struggling to get motivated enough to complete studious tasks, they can try using a method explained by upperclassman Anton Weidner. He says that to finish different assignments, he will not allow himself to have something he desires until the task is complete. This means that when the deadline to that aggravating essay is just around the corner, it’s time for phone usage (or insert your own reward) to be suspended until you finish the task. That way one is less distracted, has an incentive to work harder and more quickly, and gets a reward every time they complete a substantial achievement.

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