Moving Out Is Always Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

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Moving Out Is Always Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

I’ve been on both sides of the September move out at JPCatholic. When I first came to JPCatholic in 2015, the house was a complete disaster. The carpets were worn down, the cabinets were filled with miscellaneous junk compiled over the years, the couches were one sit-down away from breaking, and the smell was suspicious. This was definitely not the best first impression when I entered college. I didn’t walk into the clean townhouse/apartment that we now have each academic year. The end of my freshman year was the first time the school implemented the inevitable September Move Out. 

On one hand, I thought the school was completely insane to make us move out of residences because we go to a year-round school. Some students don’t have the luxury of flying home each break and we already pay all year for housing. I learned that students do not pay for the month of September, yet I still questioned why we had to move out when previous classes didn’t have to. On the other hand, I remember the horrors of walking into a trashed townhouse full of garbage that wasn’t mine. At the end of my freshman year, that trash still haunted us before we moved out. This is when I realized that something had to change so this wouldn’t happen. Enter: The September Move Out. 

Trash and objects left behind after the move out

Many other universities require their students to move out at the end of each academic year. This is a change to our fairly new school that could use a clean up from time to time. This September Move-Out will only be the third in the history of the school. The decision to clean each unit every September makes the units look like night and day compared to when I first moved in. I would want to move into a fresh house that is almost completely clean. Not only do freshmen walk into a restored unit, but the returning classes also have a fresh start.

I had the honor, or the misfortune, of helping the school clean the units during September of last year. I could not believe the amount of material, food, and excessive things that were left over when each student leaves. Some units were clean and spotless. Other units looked as if the students hadn’t even moved out.

Food left in the fridge of a moved-out unit

A lot of things can fill up the units pretty quickly from October to August, which makes packing and moving or storing a pain. Moving out is always hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are five tips from someone who has been on both sides to prepare for the move out. 

Start early! Don’t wait until the last day to prepare packing and moving your things. We all know that this is happening, and so there should be no surprises when the deadline comes.

Friends with Cars. JPCatholic students who have cars have a great opportunity for service and helping others. If you ask a friend to help transport your things, please compensate well for their generosity.

Read the Check List! Here is an attachment of the 2018 Residential Check List that was sent to each student. Make sure to meet all the requirements to avoid paying fines. None of us want more additional fees. 2018_Residential_Checkout_List

Sharing is Caring with Storage Units. Finding storage units around Escondido could be much cheaper when you share the price with others. The school will provide storage for students at a cost of $50. Other alternative storage options are provided in the Residential Check List.

Relax, Take a Break, and Come Back to a Clean House. Again, moving out can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. After a long year of school, it’s good to take a break from it all. Have peace of mind knowing that you will return to a clean house. 

For a more detailed information about the reasons for the September Move Out, here is the former proposal and response from the school. 2016 Fall Break Move Out Bill 

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