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Beach Ultimate in Coronado

The Ultimate Club hosts its first beach event on Sunday the 27th , where students will play ultimate frisbee, and have an outside fire and barbecue with burgers, roasted potatoes, watermelon and more.

Co-heads of the Ultimate Club, Nicholas Pape and Daniel Sanche, hoped to expand its events since it became official last quarter. Beach ultimate, something which had never been done at JPCatholic, seemed like a relaxing and fun idea. “Since I started the club back in Febuary, I’ve wanted to do an event like this…I love the idea of actually playing a game in the sand.”

If the game is well-attended and liked by students, Daniel and Nick hope to continue it throughout the coming quarters, and potentially make it an Ultimate Club tradition. Daniel said, “If this is a success on this short notice and small scale, I would love to make it a regular event expanding to the whole school with a larger scale BBQ and other activities, perhaps.” Nick added, “I hope that we can make this beach Ultimate game more of a school-wide event, where we can maybe team up with Student Government, an RA, or maybe even the households to put on an event that, in my mind, would be a combination of an Ultimate game followed by a beach side talent show or coffeehouse-like event.”

Ben Siemens, Sophomore at JPCatholic and weekly Ultimate player, said, “Frisbee on the beach? So stoked. We are finally gonna have some room to play!” Freshman John Maxwell also expressed his excitement for the event. “I think this is an exciting way to draw more people to the club…I would love to see more events like this. There are a ton of great parks and beaches in San Diego to visit.”

The event is just the beginning for the Ultimate Club. Daniel and Nick hope the club can intensify its rivalry with Thomas Aquinas College, and continue to help grow JPCatholic’s school spirit. Nick concluded, “One step leads to another, but in the end, I hope that this club can be a key contributor to the heartbeat of our school.”


Contact Daniel Sanche or Nicholas Pape for information on the event.


Photo courtesy of Magely Martinez

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