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A group from the Project Management class has successfully attracted performers for the upcoming Battle of the Bands this Saturday, June 2nd, at 7:30pm in the school Soundstage, and contestants look promising.

The event has been coordinated by project manager, Taylor Williams, and his teammates Nancy Gossin, JP Poirier, Kate McDonald, and Karina Diaz—a mix of juniors and freshmen in this quarter’s Project Management class. While Taylor is the one heading it up, he said it is really “JP’s baby; it was his idea. I’m just in charge of running it, and depending on how successful it is, maybe next year I’ll be back to help run it again.”

JP Huckins, a junior at JPCatholic, will be MC of the battle. The night will showcase five different performances, one from each band. The panel of judges is comprised of Professors Giracello, Camden, and Culbertson, who will decide the recipient of their critic’s award. The screams of the audience will decide the people’s choice. “We were hoping for covers so the audience could sing along, but there is definitely at least one original song,” Taylor said. Besides that hope, however, requirements were pretty lax, demanding performers to include at least one musical instrument and come in groups of at least two. Contestants met both these requirements, and the result is an eclectic reflection of the student body.

Gift Horse : Revival


Gift Horse: Revival is led by Neil McDonough, who is joined by fellow musicians Sam Carts and Jo Graves. According to Neil, “We all grew up in the swamps of Tennessee and met at our local tennis club.” The philosophy behind the boys’ band includes “homemade pasta, religious celibacy, and good, chill times.” They will be performing a bluegrass cover of “some pop song, and some Irish and bluegrass standards”. They’d like to give an official shoutout to their moms.

JP Poirier and Isaac Kiedrowski

The next group remains nameless. Band co-partner Isaac Kiedrowski said, “We aren’t really a band, we just wanted to collaborate on this cool song.” He and his roommate, JP Poirier, decided to enter the battle together. “We both have a great respect for acoustic guitar and harmonization, and we’re both particularly fond of acoustic and natural beach-like music… [like] Jack Johnson, Sublime.” The two acoustic guitar players will be performing “Cyclone”, a piece written by Sticky Fingers. “It’s a really challenging song for both of us,” Isaac said. “We hope everyone enjoys!”


Nico & Sí Sí

Bambino Quartet is composed of vocalists Nico & Sí Sí. This duo is high with anticipation for this weekend because, “Every decision we’ve ever made has led up to this moment.” They like singing, so that’s what they’ll be doing when they perform “Life in Pink”. They would also like to give a “shoutout to Viva”, their sound mixer.


Emotional Chastity was formed when “Mormons started wildin’ out and we had to re-up” said band leader, Paul Campa; “We sold our Nike skate shoes for a mic. Guess you could say we sold our soles for a new life.” He will be performing alongside fellow creatives Aaron McAfee, Joe Tamburro, Ben Escobar, Gabe Zanoff, John Maxwell, Abe McCloskey, Keenan Wostenberg, Luke Pulver, and Anthony Contreras. Officially the battle’s largest participating band, the boys will be rapping an original piece, “Pious Catholic”. Neoplatonism fuels their band’s existence, and they’d like to go on record with a “Shoutout to my dad for buying all this studio equipment. Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper.”

Finally is another band which is nameless at present. It is led by Cassidy Van Vooren, and includes Marisabel Pedroza on bass and Dominic Aglialoro on the drums. While they self-profess the lack of an origin story, Cassidy did comment saying, “I just wanted to start a band and Mari said she’d help me…Dominic was [also] looking for a band…so it fell into place pretty nicely.” The group doesn’t want to take things too seriously, and outside of focusing on the music they’ll be playing, are looking “to just have fun”. Their performance will feature a cover “of a punk rock/alternative band’s song”. Come out Saturday night to hear which one they’re referring to and expect some high competition levels because in their own words, “We will win if this battle of the bands can be won.”


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