Tamales Jovita Opens Across from JPCatholic

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Tamales Jovita Opens Across from JPCatholic

Update: Tamales Jovita is now open!

Authentic homemade tamales and other Mexican dishes will be coming to Grand Ave in Escondido, just across the street from JPCatholic, in mid-June.


Tamales Jovita is located by Maple Street Plaza. Cecilia and her mother Jovita, after whom the new restaurant is named, are the owners. Cecilia explains that her “mom has been making tamales for family and friends and word of mouth has just gone out of control, people keep calling her and I said, ‘Well, let’s do this.’” They decided to start their own business where they can share their tamales with as many people as they can.

Cecilia explains that the type of food they will be serving will be true homemade Mexican food that is hard to find in North County. “Some of the dishes that we will be offering here,” she says, “you will not find in other restaurants.” She talks about how a lot of Mexican restaurants serve fast food items, like tacos and burritos, and they saw a need for authenticity and quality. Another benefit of homemade Mexican food, she explains, is that it is often healthier because the food is less greasy.

When they open they will begin by offering pork, chicken, beef, and rajas tamales. They will also be trying a homemade soup or dish of the day. These meals will most likely be served as combos with rice and beans and other potential sides. Cecilia wants to start with a simple menu and see how people respond to their food. She describes that she really wants their restaurant to serve “something that is homemade that you would go to a Mexican home and that will be the type of dishes that you will find there.”

Cecilia talks about her excitement in opening up Tamales Jovita with her mother. She says, “I feel really proud, and I feel excited because [Tamales Jovita] is like my baby. I started it and I’m hoping people will respond positively to this place.” Even though it is their first time going through the process of starting a restaurant, she states that it was “not as bad as I thought it would be.” Cecilia explains further that, “I was very fortunate that I found a contractor that was really honest with me.” She was grateful that there wasn’t a great deal of things they needed to install. Mother and daughter are hopeful and confident that customers will find their food absolutely delicious. Ultimately, Cecilia says that “my goal is to put [the name of] Tamales Jovita as one of the best tamales you can find in North County.”

The shop is located just across the street from John Paul the Great Catholic University on Grand Ave, making it a prime place for students, and anyone with an appetite, to try out when they open in mid-June.

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