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A New Women’s Household at JPCatholic

John Paul the Great Catholic University welcomes a new women’s household, Laudare et Glorificare, which seeks to help women grow in their relationship with God by praising and glorifying Him.

Kyle Lavin, a JPCatholic business student and former member of the Neri Household, is in charge of coordinating and approving new households. After receiving a household proposal, Lavin works with the founders to figure out the household’s charism, find at least three committed members, establish the mission, and fulfill other requirements in the household manual. Reviewing and finalizing a household takes about one quarter to complete.

Laudare’s patron: Saint Catherine of Siena

Following the first quarter of preparation is a three-quarter trial period to ensure the “household is working properly” and to make adjustments as needed, according to Lavin. In certain cases, like Laudare et Glorificare, the three-month period was shortened to make the household ready for the incoming class in the fall.

Laudare’s journey as a household began when a small group of students, Sarai Alverez, Celeste Arteaga, and Rebecca Knebelsberger, would lead “random praise and worship sessions in the chapel.” The small group’s original spirit carried on into the household’s mission and became Laudare’s charism. Arteaga, a co-head of the household, reflected, “When we first started, we really wanted to focus on being really active in the community, not just having formation for ourselves . . . we wanted to have it to be something that would have an impact, especially within the women.”

Ultimately, Laudare seeks to help its members grow as whole persons in mind, body, and spirit by encouraging them to listen and find themselves in Christ. The household focuses on discerning what God’s will is at the moment and making God the center of one’s life. Their motto is, “Be who God intended you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

For more information about Laudare et Glorificare, contact Celeste Arteaga or Rebecca Knebelsberger, the co-heads of the household, or attend their meetings every Tuesday at 9 a.m. at Townhouse 478.

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