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Food Truck Fridays

by Meg VonFeldt and Derek Knoeferl

The California Center for the Arts, Escondido, hosts Curbside Bites, an event including food trucks, lawn games, and free live music every Friday until the end of September.

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Curbside Bites, in conjunction with the Center for the Arts, hosts Food Truck Fridays in Grape Day Park. This event resembles a marketplace atmosphere. There is no admission fee, only the cost of the food being served. Curbside Bites brings in multiple food trucks from the area to serve new cuisines, such as, Cajun, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, and more.

Curbside Bites also coordinates food truck events in different areas. They look for properties like Torrey Pines Beach, apartment complexes, hotels, and community centers. They work with over fifty different food trucks which change every week. Escondido is more efficient because many food trucks are either from the city or a nearby area such as San Marcos. This is the first food truck event in the North County. 

Christian Murcia, coordinator at Curbside Bites, stated that the event is “exposing people to new types of food.” Murcia began his career by owning a food truck called Crepe Bonaparte. He recently opened his first restaurant in Fullerton, CA. This gave him insight on what would work for Curbside Bites. “Restaurants are safe bets,” he explained. “They serve what is tried and true.” He believes that food trucks are great because they are small local businesses that bring people something new.

Stephany Farley, the Public Program Manager for the Center for the Arts, is also very excited about Food Truck Fridays. Farley believes this is a great way to build the community. There are picnic benches, lawn games, and more to encourage community interaction.

One of the trucks, Leilani’s, specializes in Hawaiian cuisine. Their iconic dish, the Loco Moco, is a hamburger on rice, gravy, two fried eggs, and chives to top it off. It only costs $10!

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Leilani’s Loco Moco


For something a little sweeter, Marcel Waffles offers a variety of waffles based on waffles from different countries!

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Marcel Waffles


The food is a bit pricier than fast-food, but makes up for it in fun, flavor, and quality.

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