New Sacristan Asks for Volunteers for Daily Mass

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New Sacristan Asks for Volunteers for Daily Mass

Junior Phillip Shepherd Gregg was recently promoted to Head Sacristan at John Paul the Great Catholic University. He will perform all the duties of a normal sacristan, as well as organize all of the altar servers, lectors, and extraordinary ministers.

Senior Claire Phillips had been the Head Sacristan but stepped down after she was accepted into the Los Angeles Quarter. Unable to continue the job, she passed the mantle on to Gregg. He said, “I went up to Claire one day and asked if I could replace her when she left. She agreed, talked to the necessary people, and began to train me to be the head sacristan position.” When asked about the job, Gregg said that he was, “enjoying the job quite a bit, it’s the kind of thing I enjoy doing. I like being a sacristan, and now if something is running more inefficiently, I can address it.”

JPCatholic currently offers weekday mass each week, requiring an average of three to four people for each mass. However, with only 10 volunteers, the numbers are stretched thin. “I need to appreciate my volunteers ’cause it’s a lot of work. People can work up to three masses a week,” he said.

Right now, Gregg is arranging schedules for all of the available volunteers, but he needs more help. “People’s schedules are getting busier and busier, so we could always use more volunteers.” He urges anyone, if interested, to volunteer to be a part of the university’s daily mass. Gregg added, “If you’re interested in volunteering, you can message me on Facebook, and we can start training you as soon as possible.”

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