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Featured Artist: Joshua Shepardson

Joshua Shepardson is screen writer and music producer who enjoys making his friends and family experience joy through his work. He strives to conquer his goals and become a showrunner one day.

Joshua Leroy Shaffer: Where are you from?

Joshua Shepardson: I am from Laguna Hills in Orange County, California.

JLS: Why out of all the schools in California did you pick JPCatholic? What made it the most attractive?

JS: So I had to pick a Catholic school. And my parents wouldn’t let me pick any other school, so it ended up just being easier to pick a school in California than anywhere else. I kind of looked around for a little but nothing seemed that interesting, so it was either here or TAC. And I just decided I had no idea what I would do with a Liberal Arts degree so I came here.

JLS: So what’s been the most interesting thing that you’ve been trying to get into/learn at JPCatholic?

JS: Um…I don’t know. Mostly I’ve just been trying to just do screenwriting, which is what I came here for. But then I’ve also been working on my music which I didn’t expect to be doing a lot of while I was here. I contemplated going to a school that maybe had a minor in music available but I didn’t. So it was kind of interesting that I got the chance to start composing a lot more on the piano and the ukelele now too.

JLS: Would you consider going to another school purely for music?

JS: I feel like at the moment music is more of just a hobby and I probably wouldn’t go to school for it even if it got more serious. I would just see where it goes. I guess I think the next step would be to get a Soundcloud or Youtube. I don’t have anything online at the moment.

JLS: Have you been working on any current projects at the school? Whether is be music, screenwriting or some sort of passion project?

JS: Technically all the passion projects so to speak that I’m working on end up being for a class. There’s a script I’m writing at the moment that’s an adaption of a video game but I’m thinking about writing that kind of as a senior project. So it’s not really a passion project. But it’s something I’m really interested in. I’m also trying to write a book. I sort of did write a book already and then I was trying to finish the series but I got distracted. So I started writing a different book and then I didn’t finish that either. But then I started writing a collection of short stories and I did finish that. And the people who said they were going to read that and give me feedback did not read it and did not give me feedback. So I just keep running into dead ends and need to just kind of go back and finish something.

JLS: What is the best type of humour that fits your personality? What makes you laugh?

JS: A lot of things make me laugh but I think the things that I like to joke about, I guess would be dark dry humour. I really like T.V. shows or movies where it feels like it really shouldn’t be funny but then your laughing at it anyway. I think that’s kind of my genre. That’s what I like to write and work with.

JLS: Is there a specific T.V. show that really jumps out at you?

JS: I suppose I guess it would have to be A Series of Unfortunate Events. That show does the humour pretty well. I think probably I prefer kind of more extreme because that’s set up to be humorous.

JLS: I also hear that your pretty famous for your memes.

JS: Yeah, I would say that I’m pretty popular with my meme accounts. It’s gotten me not into trouble I would say but I have had some conversations. I think the biggest problem with it is that a lot of the administration does not understand this form of humour. And then a lot of my fans as well, I guess I can call them my fans, have a disconnect to what I think is funny and what they think is funny. So most of the time I’m just putting out content that I know they will like rather than content that I really enjoy myself. But I’d say I’m pretty good at it. My Facebook page does pretty well. And my Instagram has been doing a lot more since I’m actually posting on it now since the new freshman class came in. So yeah, I’ve started kind of drifting away now onto other meme pages that aren’t my own.

JLS: Well that’s good to hear. Have you thought about where you would want to be in about 5-10 years after graduating?

JS: I think my ideal career at the moment would be to be working on a T.V. show. I can’t realistically say like in five years that I would be a showrunner but that’s kind of my dream job overall. To have my own T.V. show that I conceived, created, and am in charge of.

JLS: Is there anything else you want the students and faculty to know about you?

JS: I don’t know. I think I have a really weird reputation at this school. I didn’t expect everybody to kind of know me as the guy who makes memes. I had some weird idea that I was more anonymous than I actually was. I also think there’s a lot more that I do other than the memes that a lot of people don’t realize. I do really like writing screenplays and I wish that I could kind of do more directing I guess. But I haven’t really been able to get into that. So there’s really just the music I’ve been working on that’s nice. Hopefully I’ll be producing some more of my music soon out online. I have a few songs already written that I could record so keep an eye out for that. I do actually have a Facebook page for my musical persona. It’s called Joshua David M.G, Perfomer. That’s where I’ll be posting when that happens in case you wondering.





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