Is Movie Pass Still Worth It?

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Is Movie Pass Still Worth It?

by Derek Knoeferl and Meg VonFeldt

MoviePass may or may not be an investment worth spending money on. There are a few things to consider if you are on the fence about subscribing.

The subscription service for MoviePass allows the user to purchase one free ticket every day for a monthly fee of $9.95. Although the monthly rate is less than an average movie ticket, there have been many changes since the subscription service launched. The company has started strong, but some new changes have raised some heads. With the recent update, the terms now include peak pricing. This means depending on the demand for a certain showtime the user may be charged an additional fee for that ticket. Other changes such as taking pictures of ticket stubs and restriction to seeing the same movie only once are additional changes. 

Daniel Sanche, a subscriber to MoviePass, believes the service is still worth it unless it changes radically. “I love it! It’s such a bold move and is forcing so many things to change. If it is able to survive, I believe it will fundamentally change the film industry in a big way for the better.” Daniel’s view on MoviePass is mostly positive, especially for society because it is more social. However, there are still concerns he has with the company. One of them is the steps required to purchase a ticket. A person has to download the app, check in, swipe the card at the stand, and take a picture of the stub. This process can be a burden when dealing with crowds.

Daniel also expressed his opinion on the peak pricing. “It adds a $2-6 surcharge to high demand movies and showtimes. The exact algorithm for how it does this is not known which is frustrating.” The MoviePass website does not explain the algorithm, but instead just states that “peak prices are determined based on movie demand and popularity”.

James Jacobus is a recent subscriber to MoviePass. He subscribed because of the social aspect. He said that if did not go to JPCatholic, he most likely would not have a MoviePass. “I’m worried that I won’t go to enough movies to make it worth it. My friends are more excited than me.” 

Nick Jones is a student who does not have MoviePass. When asked why he laughed and said, “Laziness of not getting around to get it. Also budgeting. I just don’t go to movies that often. It’s not worth my investment.” Another problem Nick has with MoviePass is how often the company changes their policy. The constant changes make the business seem shifty and unstable. Nick does not believe the service will last long.“Knowing my luck, as soon as I subscribe they are going to go down the drain.”


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