Recent Dance Starts Conversations Among Students

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Recent Dance Starts Conversations Among Students

The school’s quarterly dance brought an estimated 40 attendees, but some students do not agree with the decisions of the event committee.

Grace Reding has been planning the dances for over a year now. The dances have been progressively  drawing in more crowds and attention from the student body. Grace commented saying, “A year ago the dances would only bring in about 20 people, now we are getting 40 plus in one night.” While definite improvement has been made in attendance, some students still have concerns.

Jacob Miller, a Senior at JPCatholic would prefer other events to a dance. “I like the idea of a dance, as of like, a thing people come together in some generally cohesive way. I think dancing builds communal society, but in all of those cases you see people learn a common dance. We don’t really have that anymore.” Jacob insists that the dance is a drain of resources that could be spent to push forward other events. “Theology on Tap would be really cool. We have enough students at this school with opinions. That or like a movie night. Put movies on the four plus projectors the school has scattered around the campus.”

Joseph Graves is a junior at JPCatholic and has currently been to three dances, one of which he was the DJ. However he does have some concerns about the dances. “I think the best thing for them is to make the soundstage not feel like a soundstage.” Many have agreed with his opinion saying that it lacks the energy of a club or that it feels forced. Graves commented further on the topic saying, “People are already on their toes in a club cause there is a happy feeling in the air, the environment is amazing, and everyone can feel the energy their surroundings are putting off. At the school dances, it doesn’t have that energy and the people are expected to bring their own. But we are college students and we don’t have any energy so it doesn’t really work.”

The heads of the dances, Grace Reding and Shayla Millman, say they try very hard to capture the wants of their target audience. Grace Reding commented, “We understand that there are people that don’t like to dance, not much we can do about that. If dancing isn’t your thing we got many other events for what you’re looking for.” This is referring to events such as Open Mic Night, Story Telling Events, Bob Ross Zen Painting Event, and film festivals. “The dance is important because it appeals to any major, unlike the film festival which is mainly film students. We are trying to be all inclusive in the dances so everyone gets to have a fun school event. We realize that there are problems but we are working hard to try to fix it. We just want to see the dance be as good as it can be and bring the community together.” Grace encourages anyone with ideas on how to make the dance better in any way to reach out to her or any other member of the student council.

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