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Changes for Apartment Dinners

Student government’s newest bill could be changing the apartment dinner form rules.

John Paul the Great Catholic University’s student government is working on a bill that would expand the hours for apartment dinners by two hours. The current rule allows students to have the dinner between 5 and 8 p.m. The bill would allow for the dinner to end at 10 p.m. Student Body President, Grace Reding, explained that, “A lot of students have classes until 6:30 p.m. It’s just a short time crunch.” The new time is designed to allow more students to use and enjoy the apartment dinners.

The Director of Student Life, Joe Cross, receives all request forms, as well as student government bills. He stated that the purpose of apartment dinners is for students to have more places to interact. “It’s just another way for guys and girls to interact with each other outside of the Perch and Jude [common areas].” The apartment dinner forms were submitted fairly often last quarter. This quarter, most forms were submitted for Independence Day. “Over the past couple of quarters, it’s been used a decent amount,” Cross added. Still, student congress wants the hours to be more flexible.

The bill was written last quarter and it is being presented this quarter so that a response can be made in the fall. Neil McDonough, Student Body Vice President, thinks there is a good chance the bill will be passed. He stated, “It’s just a little bit more flexibility in the current system. I can’t imagine anything that Student Life might have a problem with.” Student Life works with student congress to find a compromise when there is a disagreement with certain bills, but mostly they are understanding. “Really, they just say, ‘That makes sense,’ and write a check mark, and the rule changes,” McDonough said. Cross, not opposed to changing the hours, stated, “I think it sounds like a pretty good idea to push the hours up, given everyone’s late classes.” He is excited to see the bill and how students will react to this new change.

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