Escondido P.D. Prevents Suicide

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Escondido P.D. Prevents Suicide

Escondido police officers negotiated the rescue of a 35-year-old man standing over the edge of the 78’s Valley Parkway overpass last Sunday, July 22 at 8:30 p.m.

In a move not uncommon along California’s freeways, Marcos Chavez swung his legs over the edge of the Southbound CA-78 bridge above the Valley Parkway Chick-fil-a and stood swaying over the fatal drop. Police responded quickly, shutting down north and southbound traffic, as well as the lanes underneath the overpass. Onlookers gathered across the street outside of the Carl’s Jr. and near the base of the bridge, shouting and pleading for him not to jump.

Escondido Police Department handed off part of the traffic break to California Highway Patrol and worked quickly to identify Chavez, assessing the need for a Spanish-speaking translator. A small team approached and negotiated with Chavez from the bridge. A few minutes later, he climbed back onto the southbound shoulder. He was detained and escorted back to the station with Escondido Police Department, deciding that evaluation was better served there than at the scene. Traffic resumed within two minutes.

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