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The Rad, the Trad, and the Holy

John Paul the Great Catholic University offers a Sunday Mass on campus at 5 p.m., but there are also other churches around that one may attend instead.


St. Mary Parish Church in Escondido offers a 5:30 p.m. Saturday Mass if Sunday Mass is not an option that weekend. It is not overly crowded. Traditional hymns are played on a piano, and a single, hauntingly beautiful voice accompanies it. Reverend Scott S. Herrera is the main celebrant and occasionally celebrates mass at JPCatholic. His homilies are full of conviction and pragmatism. This past weekend, he spoke about how his “responsibility is to teach [us] the truth of Jesus Christ” no matter how controversial. Another benefit of attending St. Mary’s is its short distance from Latitude33. Confession is also offered before Mass, and a beautiful Marian Shrine is located outdoors. On select weekends, the Knights of Columbus sell tacos for $1.50 after Mass.

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Church of the Resurrection is also located in Escondido, about a seven-minute drive from Latitude33, and they offer an 8 a.m. Sunday Mass. Earlier this summer, they opened a new, breathtaking worship space. This parish has a strong sense of community and hospitality, evident as soon as one walks in. Traditional hymns are sung by a choir and accompanied by a large ensemble of several guitars, an electric bass, a saxophone, drums, some bongos. They are a very groovy and charismatic parish. After Mass, homemade breakfast burritos, donuts, and coffee are available for $1 each.

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For a church outside of Escondido, St. Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Parish is located in Oceanside and offers a 5 p.m. Sunday Mass.

This is a great option if you spent the day at the beach or want to watch the sunset on the beach afterward. It is about a twenty-five minute drive from Escondido or $5 for a round trip on the Sprinter. From the beach, it is only a seven minute walk away. The church has designated parking, which is a major plus for a beach town on a Sunday night. Standard hymns are sung by a man and a woman, with a guitar accompanying them. The Mass is full in attendance, but not overflowing. Some people come straight from the beach, so a little bit of salt from the sea is okay.

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Whether you want something close to home, something to wake you up at 8 a.m., or a place to worship after a day at the beach, there are always other options for receiving your Sunday Jesus fix.



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