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Featured Artist: Nick Jones

Andrew Ascough: What do you get from drawing and creating freely?

Nick Jones: Usually when I draw, I don’t have a certain idea or plan of what to draw. It’s like an emotional improvisational or organic experience. I just start with something, like a pattern or a shape, and see where that takes me. From that base approach I then try to direct that into making something out of the drawing. I find it cool finding and creating purpose in things that may seem random otherwise. It’s also a great way to listen to music.

Nick 3

AA: Where does you desire or need to create come from?

NJ: Even as a writer it’s hard to articulate things in mere words. Visual art can be a good way of fleshing that itching creativity out. I like making abstract drawings and seeing how that expression of the mind can become tangible on a piece of paper. I like symbolism, too, so it’s an inner desire to make a new visual language and I find that fun.

AA: When did you start to make these images? What started the desire?

NJ: I always liked to draw when I was a kid. I was obsessed with this puzzle computer game, Pandora’s Box, that exposed me to different visual art around the world. That’s where my love for tribal and native American art flourished. I drew in this style when I was in the third grade… I submitted a piece for a contest as a local bookstore where I made these small blobs of shapes all around in different colors. I called it “Ashelio Pieces”. I made up that first word and have no idea what it means.

Nick 2

AA: What does your art contribute and who does it effect?

NJ: I could say I just do it to see what I’m capable of. But if I think deeply about it, I think I contribute to a paradox in finding meaning in things that seemingly have no meaning and purpose whatsoever. That’s why I like tribal art. Not only the aesthetic, but their symbology is lost on us, so contemplating what those artists were trying to portray is fascinating and that inspires me to emulate that delight that we as humans take in beauty and mystery—which often are fused together.


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