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Following the END Household

Among the households at John Paul the Great Catholic University, END house is one that is small, yet active.

END stands for Equites Nostri Dominae, which is Latin for Knights of Our Lady. The household currently has five active members. Phillip Gregg is the current head, with his responsibilities being mostly organization, keeping track of their service, and making sure the members attend household Mass on Mondays. The group of men come together to discuss the faith, hope, and love through media. At each meeting, one member of the household picks a form of media that the rest of the members engage in. They analyze and talk about the media and find any truth or beauty in the work, or ask any questions that raise discussions. Gregg expands on this, saying “It’s about finding the good…and failing that learning how to avoid the bad.”

The household does not have anyone intending [to join] this quarter, but they are excited for the incoming freshman next quarter. END welcomes young men who are interested in any form of media and willing to have critique conversations. END also welcomes those who want to focus their prayer life through the Divine Mother. Gregg wants to go back to their roots more during their group prayers. “I like to start doing Rosaries more, since we are a Marian household.”

The household also hosts a movie night each quarter at the Student Life Center. This event invites students to eat food and watch a movie while interacting with others. The movie they will show this quarter has yet to be determined. Gregg has given small hints though, “I am leaning toward The Princess Bride, but other members say we have already done that, but I say it’s the best movie ever.” The movie night is a big event for END House, and it’s their contribution to the student body.

END house is still one of the three male households. They encourage the students to follow their passion for media. Gregg states how END impacts the university, stating, “I don’t think we changed John Paul the Great. We just kind of catalyzed some things, if that.” He and the other members look forward to this quarter and inviting any young men that are interested.


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