Students Give Feedback on SOUL Improvements

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Students Give Feedback on SOUL Improvements

JPCatholic students comment on the changes the SOUL Campus Apostolate have made in an effort to get more students involved.

Walton says, “We try to create an environment to have fellowship, to have a place to go, and strengthen our faith through the sacraments. To do this, we host events such as SOUL nights, Metanoia, bible studies, and various other events. ” Their weekly SOUL nights bring in 20-30 people.

SOUL changes leadership yearly. When Cameron took over last quarter, there was a large restructuring period of the group that Cameron he navigated. Cameron commented, “Last quarter was really tough for a lot of reasons. When we got to the end of it all… we poured a lot of time and energy into trying to figure out how SOUL can grow and we came up with some fun ideas and key concepts, mainly our need of a lack of consistency. We don’t want the same thing every time and [we want to] bring a unique experience forward for people to really enjoy.”

SOUL recently hosted their first block party, which attracted more than fifty students. The event had lawn games, basketball, food, music, and seating arranged for conversations. Magely Martinez particularly enjoyed the music choice and food. “It was convenient that it was right outside my house. The fact that they had a good location, food, and music means that I would probably go again if they had one.

Senior Tom Zupicich feels like more needs to be done. He sees the need for a SOUL night, but would rather it to the next level. “I went to a few of the SOUL nights and…it reminded me too much of the Youth Ministry events I had back in high school. We go to a Catholic university and I feel like there needs to be more traditional liturgical activities.” He suggests different speakers with more experience and more traditional spiritual hymns.

Neil McDonough, a weekly participant of the SOUL Nights, commented, “SOUL is good and really important for what it’s trying to do. People who are serious about their faith can come to gather and learn from each other making really great friends. The problem that a lot of people have with them is that since we are at a Catholic University, some people see it as kinda redundant to have a Catholic group. But its a great atmosphere and very welcoming. A lot of people get very intimidated at first sight just because some people are at different levels in their faith then them. Once you get past that mental barrier, its a great community to be a part of.”

Cameron Walton asks that if anyone have any comment on how to make the event any better to reach out to him. He says, “We really want to reach out to a wide variety of people, if there is any better way to do that please let me know.”

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