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Featured Artist: Matthew Farrugia

Joshua Shaffer: How do you feel knowing that graduation is so close? Do you have any plans for afterwards?

Matt Farrugia: So graduation is really close and it’s surreal. I can’t believe that in five weeks I’ll be a college graduate. I’m not going to have the safety net of required work anymore. I’m not going to have a teacher telling me what to do. I’m not going to have a place provided for me with my tuition. I have to go out and be an adult for everything. Currently my main plan is moving up to Los Angeles with a few of my friends from college, but I have back-up plans in case that falls through. One of my back-up plans is to move to Arizona where my family is at and save up money to come back to California. Another one is dependent on my mom’s job, where I could be living in Belgium for 6-7 months with her and then come back to live in California. Both ways are just me saving money to be able to make it in California, but if I could avoid that and go straight to Los Angeles, I would definitely prefer that.

JS: What’s the field that you’re trying to get into?

MF: Post-production in film and T.V. I’m trying to do scripted work, get into the union, and really start to do shows that I would want to watch. I don’t want to just do some nonsense that I don’t care about. I want to be able to look at the show that I worked on and actually be proud of it.

JS: Would you still be willing to do the jobs that won’t be as creative as you want them to be?

MF: Well yeah, I definitely know what I want to do as far as stepping stones. And I know especially in the beginning it’s going to be rough with long hours. It’s going to be doing a lot of the grunt work and I don’t care about doing grunt work. I know where I want to get to at the end of my career or even in the middle of it.

JS: Have you played a significant role in any of the senior projects this year?

MF: To tell you the truth, I played a bigger role last year. Last year I was the head editor of Windfall Rising and the assistant editor on Within. This year, I decided to limit myself to just one senior project and it ended up being the acting practicum, A Monster of a Closet. I am a co-editor on that. I’m doing sound work, and I’m making a trailer for it.

JS: Would you say that after being at JPCatholic for three years, you feel prepared for the media industry?

MF: Yes. Yes, I actually can say that I do. I believe in general, college teaches you how to fend for yourself. I believe I’ve done a good job of reaching out and networking on my own to make me more confident. School taught me a lot of the basics and it taught me that you need to fend for yourself in your own life.

JS: Is there anything else you want the school to know about you or something interesting you want to say?

MF: My advice for incoming freshman or even the sophomores and juniors, is that I know that this school is hard. I know that it has a lot of rules, but there actually is a lot that you can get out of it beyond the film and gaming aspects. A lot of you may not like the philosophy and humanities but you should really try out those classes. I feel like in my first year and a half here I didn’t try, and didn’t realize how cool some of these classes were. By then it was too late.

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