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How Latitude33 Residents View JPCatholic Students

In the spring of 2015, a Yelp review by Anthony J. stated that students at John Paul the Great Catholic University are “some of the grossest, rudest, and socially inept people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.” This review was posted three years ago, which is the amount of time an undergraduate at JPCatholic obtains their degree. Most of those students have since left the school and Latitude33 Apartments. So, what do some of the residents think of students now?

Most of the current residents have little to no opinion of the students. One Latitude resident said, “All I know is that there is a lot of them.” Another resident, Amanda Respess, said her opinion about the students is very neutral. Her biggest complaint is the way they behave in the offices. “They mess with the printer in ways they shouldn’t until it shuts down, and someone has to fix it. That’s frustrating as a business professional.” Some of her other grievances occur when students congregate in the street and block the road going into Latitude. She does, however, view the students as very nice and polite people. “Individually, they are fine. In a group, they sometimes tend to get a little inconsiderate.”

Recent online reviews of Latitude33 Apartments mention JPCatholic students. Jim Peterson, a local guide on Google Maps, reviewed Latitude33 Apartments ten months ago, saying that lots of nice students live there. Another review, posted on Yelp last spring, spoke of how they missed their neighbor, a former student at JPCatholic. VaLorie H. said, “I miss my previous, animal-loving, college neighbors.”

The Latitude33 Apartments staff members don’t seem to mind the students. Josie Gage is currently an acting manager, and she has yet to encounter any issues with the students. Her time at Latitude33 has been short, since she just arrived, but she has heard mostly positive things. “I see the students, and they are always polite, and I think they are a positive addition to the community.”


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