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Beach Ultimate Sunday

By Daniel Sanche

The JPCatholic Ultimate Club provides one of the more popular events at JPCatholic: Beach Ultimate. Survey results about last quarter’s Beach Ultimate event were overwhelmingly positive, despite it being the club’s first event. The event attracted over 30 students, with transportation and food provided to all of them. 

Even though the event is centered around Ultimate Frisbee, the club aims to have an event that attracts students outside the club, or who are not interested in playing frisbee. Eva Mangels, a Business Sophomore who does not attend the Club weekly, said, “my favorite part of the event [last year] was just having a really fun time with my school. The event really brought people together- and allowed people who do not usually hang out to bond over sports.” 


A big part of what the club hopes to achieve through the event is to build greater community and allow students to get away from the usual day to day environment of JPCatholic. Eva said, “It’s a great way to connect with your fellow peers. And to get out of Escondido and enjoy San Diego.” One comment on the survey spoke on the community aspect that comes with sports, an essential part to the club’s mission. They said, “It’s always fun to get together as a group of students and bond over sports, the beach, and a campfire.” Another student commented, “It brought a lot of people together that would normally not get together or hang out. I think JPCU really needs more of that.”


As the club grows, it will hopefully continue to expand, and attract more students with more diverse interests.  This time around, the club partnered with Student Life to buy additional beach games, like Spikeball and Cornhole. Becca said, “This quarter I would like to see more people come and try new things as well as different games or sports available.” Eva also commented “I would like to see more sports available to play!” 

After hearing about the addition of Spikeball, Ben Seimens, a Sophomore media student who previously played Ultimate at Franciscan University said, “I’m stoked for Spikeball and excited to play frisbee on a field the right size.” Rebecca said “This time I’m most excited to just do things I love at a place I love with people I love.”

Event Details:

Time: Start: 3:00 pm, feel free to drop by later. End: Until people decide.

Location: Coronado Beach, across from Sunset Park.

Rides will be available if needed. RSVP via Facebook

Food provided includes: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Roasted Potatoes, and Snack Food.

Event Link: The Ultimate Beach Bonfire

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