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Explore Hiking Trails Outside of Escondido

Lagoon Trail at Pelican Road is a short trail in the south part of Carlsbad. The trail makes a loop around a neighborhood and runs along Batiquitos Lagoon. For a view of the ocean, hikers can take a detour on Batiquitos Trail. This trail takes hikers on top of a small hill where they can view the whole lagoon as well as the ocean that feeds into the area.

Exploring the entire trail takes only one or two hours. The lagoon is a protected wetland with many species of animals to spot. About 185 different species of birds can be spotted during different seasons. The trail has numerous rest stops and benches so people can sit and view the area. There is very little climbing and the trail is mostly flat along the lagoon side. The evening time is not too busy and has perfect cool breezes from the ocean. The trail is open for the public from sunrise to sunset, or whenever there is light outside. It is great for those who like short hikes and want to explore more plant and animal life.

Another fun spot is Annie’s Canyon. This neat spot is located just east of Solana Beach and the ocean is visible for a large portion of the hike. There is a half mile flat walk along a marsh before getting to the canyon. The hike leads through a narrow ravine. There is some climbing and tight spaces, but it has had enough traffic that the route is established. During heavier inclines there are steps and ladders to aid the climbing.

At the top of the climb, there is a great spot to see the ocean. If one begins about 45 minutes before sunset, chances are one is able to watch it from the top. The trail then loops back to the mouth of the canyon on a much more relaxed route. After making it to the bottom, it retraces it’s steps back to the trailhead. The hike is about a mile and a half in total. It’s perfect for someone who wants some great views and a bit of a challenge. It’s not great for people who get claustrophobic or don’t like more intense hikes.

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