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Featured Artist: JP Poirier


John Paul the Great Catholic University’s JP Poirier is an aspiring filmmaker and musician who spends most of his free time searching for new sounds he can create and implement into his music. He also enjoys hanging with the guys and surfing down in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Andrew Ascough: When did you start playing music, and why?

JP Poirier: I’ve been playing piano since I can remember. Altogether, I play guitar, piano, and drums. I’ve never taken any formal lessons in any instrument, and I’ve mainly learned how to play those instruments by ear and YouTube videos. I got into music production within the last few years, and creating music has been my favorite pastime ever since.

AA: How has music impacted you?

JP: My music has been a huge part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. I love making music, whether I’m happy or sad. Music is the main way I cope with my issues. Sometimes, that shows in my lyrics and composition. However, I try not to come across as just another depressed kid with a guitar, because I am actually a happy person. Nevertheless, a decent amount of my music is sad. It’s just my outlet and the most effective way for me to deal with my problems.

AA: What are you doing with your music today?

JP: There are tons of talented musicians at this school who don’t have access to the recording software and equipment that I have, so I’ve started producing music for other students, which is one way of getting my name out there, and it’s also a nice way to make a little money on the side. Next year, I plan to extend this business to more than just students from JPCatholic. I’m also writing an EP [Extended Play Record] that I hope to release by the end of the year.

AA: What do you want to do with your music, and what steps are you taking to do so?

JP: Ultimately, I want to create music professionally. I’m focusing on collaborating with artists, producing their songs to the best of my abilities, and making connections along the way. I feel like getting this type of experience this early in my career will help me tremendously when I graduate and pursue my passion full-time.


Photography credit: Lucas Hamilton

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