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Michael Steffen Exits JPCatholic

Michael Steffen, Adjunct Professor of Game Design, departs after the end of the Summer Quarter for Biola University, a Christian university in Southern California. The full-time position at Biola will involve teaching and developing a new gaming and animation program from scratch.

Professor Steffen contributed much to the growth and stability of the Gaming program at JPCatholic. The feeling is bittersweet for Max Hulburt, the Professor of Animation and Chair of Animation and Gaming, as well as his gaming students. Professor Hulburt said, “He brought a lot to our program, not only in the classes he taught, but a lot of the curriculum he designed as well; he really started the programming and scripting and game design classes with his arrival…so, we’ll certainly miss that.”

Sophomore Ricky Cruz, a gaming student, wishes Steffen well at Biola. “Professor Steffen was a really great professor here, and it’s sad to see him go…he sounded like he was very excited to have his new teaching position, and I hope things go well for him.”

Senior David Budke, an animation student, said, “I was disappointed when I heard the news. When my class arrived at the school, we had a similar situation where the previous teacher left, and we had about a year with no one to teach the functionality side of game development. I didn’t want that to happen for the new students.”

Steffen will be replaced by Jordon Trevas. He comes “highly recommended” to Hulburt and will begin teaching as early as next quarter. Budke said, “Fortunately, Max was able to find someone to fill that role for next quarter, so there won’t be any gaps in classes like we had. So, overall, the outlook is good, but it’s still too bad that Steffen had to leave. I know he will be missed.”

Hulburt jokingly concluded to Steffen, “If it [the gaming program at Biola] fails, you know you can come back.”

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