JPCatholic Business Students Visit Local Company That Balances Purpose and Profit

Riding a converted fire truck to the manufacturing facility, students from JPCatholic University’s Business Planning class toured Dr. Bronner’s Soap in Vista this past Thursday, learning applied business concepts from the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Milam.

The tour covered subjects of interest to future business professionals, including: the sourcing of raw materials; the decision process on when to expand operations; when to hire employees; and the cost benefit analysis for equipment and real estate.

“It was really cool that Professor Culbertson took us to Dr. Bronners Soap Factory.  It was a fun and interesting experience and I even got to learn some dance moves with a lady there and ride in a fire truck and wear a fireman’s helmet!” said Rebecca Knebelsberger. “I was taught to dance by one of the tour guides. She was playing music from their fire truck and some of us were kind of dancing so she started to teach us a dance! It had nothing to do with the tour, but it was just a part of the experience they like to create I think.”

Dr. Bronner’s Soap invented a fire-fighting foam concentrate that is the industry-standard, before modifying it to make artificial snow for Hollywood productions. They are a Certified B Corporation, balancing purpose and profit and for the last eleven years achieved 18% year over year growth. Reflecting the intersection of business and theology, Mr. Milam, COO, holds both an MBA and a Masters of Divinity.